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Planning Your Remodeling Project:

Since your home represents a large investment, think your project through from start to finish:

  • Carefully plan your home improvements so you can update your home, increase the value of your investment, and customize your living space—all for a lot less than the cost of a new home.
  • Look over your property carefully and identify what repairs are needed. What improvements would you like to see? Think ahead and determine your future needs.
  • Carefully consider what you can afford to spend and what you can afford to borrow, keeping in mind that the improvements you envision should enhance your property’s value.
  • Review your homeowner’s insurance policy and make adjustments for the added value of the work being done.

Following is a Checklist that will help you identify your priorities:

__ Air conditioning
__ Attics
__ Baseboards
__ Basements
__ Bathrooms
__ Bedrooms
__ Closets
__ Concrete & Retaining walls
__ Crown molding
__ Decks
__ Decorating
__ Doors
__ Dormers
__ Driveways
__ Electrical
__ Family rooms
__ Fences
__ Fireplaces
__ Floors
__ Foundation
__ Greenhouse
__ Heating
__ Insulation
__ Kitchens
__ Laundry centers
__ Lighting
__ Painting
__ Patios
__ Plumbing
__ Rain gutters
__ Retrofitting
__ Roofs
__ Seismic Work
__ Shelves
__ Siding
__ Skylights
__ Trim work
__ Windows


Imagine the Possibilities…